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  • AK-LM 330

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    AK-LM 330


    Varenummer: 080Z0170 Kategorier: , Stikkord:
    Pris kr13 772,00
  • AK-LM 340

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    AK-LM 340


    Varenummer: 080Z0175 Kategorier: , Stikkord:
    Pris kr16 194,00
  • AK-SM 720

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    AK-SM 720

    System Manager / styringssystem

    Varenummer: 080Z8513 Kategori: Stikkord:
    Pris kr31 594,00
  • AK-SM 850

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    AK-SM 850

    System Manager / styringssystem med skjerm og tastatur

    Varenummer: 080Z4001 Kategori: Stikkord: ,
    Pris kr41 043,00
  • Controller Unit

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    Controller Unit

    The gas detection Controller Unit is used for a centralized monitoring and warning of hazardous gas concentrations.
    Each local gas detection unit is assigned a unique address in the Controller and by continuous communication with the individual GDU’s the Controller reacts on alarm signals from the local GDU.

    Varenummer: 148H6231 Kategorier: , Stikkord:
    Pris kr15 216,00
  • Expansion Module

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    Expansion Module

    The gas detection Controller Expansion module is used for expansion of the cable coverage in terms of number of fieldbus loops and the total wire length.

    Varenummer: 148H6222 Kategorier: ,
    Pris kr8 473,00
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