ITE Servicemanifold

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  • 3 hoses ¼” FFL + 1 hose ⅜” FFL, 150 cm
  • Packed in 1 anti-shock, portable carrying case.


  • High density black aluminium 4 valve body with toasted leak proof sight glass and hook.
  • Possibility to panel mount.
  • Equipped with 3 x ¼” MFL and 1 x ⅜” MFL connections. A fifth bottom connection is plugged. Removal of this plug (⅛” NPT) allows installation of an extra service connection. ⅜” vacuum port allows 4 times faster evacuation than ordinary manifolds.
  • Deep vacuum valve design: proven leak proof, easy replaceable diaphragm type valves require only fingertip pressure to close tightly and can be fully opened with only 1 turn.
  • Standard delivered with 80 mm ‘pulse free’ gauges.
  • Durable non slip surface, soft touch handles.
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