We offers one of the Nordic region's largest inventories of industrial refrigerant parts. This is how we can ensure faster delivery to projects allover Norway.


Commercial cooling is not always straightforward. Then it is good to know there is someone you can count on. We can knowledge of high efficiency, low energy consumption and much more.

Heat pump

We know that from time to time there is also need for warmer air and for that simple reason we provide good expertise and great parts for several different heat pump systems, whether it is air-air, air-water or water-water.


  • CO2 Servicemanifold

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    CO2 Servicemanifold

    Manometer og slanger spesialdesignet for transkritiske CO2-system (R744).

    YELLOW JACKET® TITAN® Test and Charging Manifold for transkritiske CO2-system er konstruert med en smidd aluminiumslegering, noe som er med på å gjør dette til et lett serviceverktøy for enkel håndtering og holdbarhet.

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  • NRVT

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  • CCMT Light

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    CCMT Light

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  • Kalibrerings kit for CO2

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    Kalibrerings kit for CO2

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